Published On: Tue, Mar 19th, 2019

Researchers Confirm That New Device Makes Hearing Loss Little More Than A Minor Inconvenience, Not Permanent Disability.

Published On: August 16, 2019


The problem of hearing loss in America has grown to epidemic proportions because the cost of treatment is so high.

Millions of Americans over the age of 65 suffer from hearing loss and most of those people are unable to afford a conventional hearing aid prescribed by a doctor. In fact, conventional hearing aids are too expensive for more than 85% of the people that need them.

Luckily Congress recently passed The OTC Hearing Aid Act and President Trump signed the piece of legislation into law. Thus enabling people to purchase hearing aids without a doctor’s recommendation. Congress has essentially made it legal for consumers to bypass the middleman and doctors to purchase hearing aids directly from manufactures

And guess what… Prices have plummeted!

In the past, hearing loss sufferers had to cough up large sums of money for a formal hearing examination preformed by an audiologist. These examinations would almost always result in the recommendation of a hearing aid with a price tag of $3000-$5000.

It was a racket that was set up by corporate hearing aid manufacturers and carried out by doctors. All with the intention of swindling money out of downtrodden consumers in desperate need of hearing assistance.

As a result of Congress’ actions, the hearing aid market has exploded with new offerings and one device in particular has taken the industry by storm.

The Nano RX2000 Rechargeable Hearing Aid has quickly risen to the top of a competitive field and has proven to be the most technologically advanced device at any price point.

In double-blind testing, the Nano RX2000 out preformed every prescription hearing aid and OTC personal sound amplifier on the market.

What’s more, researchers were stunned to discover that the Nano RX2000 blew away devices priced 10-12 times higher and only available with a doctor’s recommendation.

The Nano RX2000 Rechargeable Hearing Aid has proven that price is no longer a measurement of quality in the hearing aid industry.


If you suspect that hearing loss has begun or if you are already aware that some of your hearing range has decreased, you can’t delay in addressing the issue head on.

Hearing is one of several metrics used to assess well-being. Any amount of hearing loss results in a significant reduction in quality of life.

Nearly every hearing loss sufferer has reported elevated levels of unhappiness, frustration, and embarrassment.

You may look at hearing loss as an inevitable impediment of aging.

Or, you’ve given up hope of ever regaining the hearing range of your formative years.

However you look at it, the result is the same:

Ongoing frustration and continuous dismay over hearing loss and the resulting aggravation that it causes.

It’s important to know that you no longer have to struggle with this disheartening ailment.

The Nano RX2000 Rechargeable Hearing Aid is the technological breakthrough that is turning the industry on its head and enabling retirees to hear again!

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Make hearing loss a thing of the past.

Ensure that you capture every moment during your quality time with loved ones and never miss a word that’s said.

Today you can bypass the burden of hearing loss and increase your quality of life tremendously!

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