Published On: Fri, Feb 9th, 2018

What Exactly Is Causing You To Snore?

Published On: September 16, 2019

Lets Take The 30 Second Snoring Test Together…

After taking this 30 second test, you will be able to determine exactly why you are snoring and get specific solution for you!

Believe it or not, your snoring is simply caused by one or more of the following:

  1. Your Tongue
  2. Your Mouth
  3. Your Nose 

The TONGUE is the most common cause of snoring because tongue muscles tend to relax and fall backwards when one is asleep…

How Do You Find Out If You Are A Tongue Snorer?

  • Step 1: Make a Snoring Noise
  • Step 2: Now Stick Your Tongue Out
  • Step 3: Hold it in place in between your teeth
  • Step 3: Now Attempt to make the vibration sound of snoring Again (try as hard as you can..)

-Did you produce the loud snoring noise?  -If you just answered NO – then your Tongue is the Cause of Your Snoring!!!

Product Recommended:  ZenGuard™ Tongue Retaining Device that holds your tongue forward and opens up obstruction that causes Snoring and Apnea and it is guaranteed to work overnight.

According to clinical studies, a tongue retaining device can help improve Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) without the need of using a CPAP machine.


ZenGuard™ – Tongue Holding Device

$149.00 – $97.00 

How Do You Find Out If You Are A Mouth Snorer?

If you snored during the tongue test (above), then chances are that the problem lies elsewhere.

It’s time for a jaw test.

Normally, you are more likely to snore if you breathe through your open mouth instead of the nose.

The reason why the mouth tends to open at night is because of the jaw muscles loosening. Here’s a simple test for this.

  • Step 1: Open your mouth (Half-wide open)
  • Step 2: Put some effort into producing the snoring sound
  • Step 3: Close your mouth and try doing the same thing

If you realize that you can still make a snoring noise when your mouth is open but find it impossible when your mouth is closed then your jaw could be the culprit. during the night your jaw relaxes and mouth opens causing snoring sounds.

Products Recommended: Here you need a jaw strap to keep the mouth closed during the night. We recommend:

The ZenStrap™ Anti Snore Chin Strap.

Is Your Nose Causing You To Snore?

The nose test will help you find out if a blocked nostril is the cause of your snore.

  • Step 1: Place a finger inside one of your nostrils and push it gently inside
  • Step 2: Close your mouth and breathe in through the one free nostril
  • Step 3: Repeat on the the other side

If you hear snoring sound and whistling from your nose, then nose is your culprit.

Products Recommended: You need nose dilator device to open up nasal passages during sleep. We tested many dilators and the top performing is:

The ZenVents™ Nasal Dilator

Is Your Snoring Caused By Multiple Issues? Mouth, Nose and or Throat?

Most of the times,  you may find that your snoring is caused by multiple issues.

The recommended solution is the All In One Atop snoring system which will help you determine the best solution for your individual snoring.

Getting All in One Starter Kit from ZenSleep guarantees your individual snoring problem will be solved! 

Which Anti-Snoring Device Is Best For You?

ZenSleep™ All In One Anti Snoring Kit

$350.00 – $97.00







TIP: You could waste a lot of time trying to find an anti-snoring remedy if you have not first taking our simple test and figuring out what exactly is making you snore.

That is why we recommend taking these three tests prior to making a purchase. You may look (or sound) funny while doing them but no worries, they are all easy to handle on your own and more so in private.

Now couples can finally get the sleep they deserve without snoring getting in the way!


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