Published On: Thu, Apr 6th, 2017

News Release: #1 Voted Assisted Living Home in Peoria AZ Has Been Fully Occupied for 17 Straight Years Due to Having The Highest Quality In-Home Caretakers & Nurses in the Valley – 2 Rooms Just Opened Up Today – See If Your Loved One Qualifies First Come, First Serve…

Published On: 11th December 2018
Last Updated On: 12th December 2018

Earlier today, our editors got word to exclusive news that the #1 voted assisted living home in Peoria, AZ just had two rooms open up which is a first in 17 years…

The 10-room home has been booked solid and fully occupied for 17 straight years due to having the highest quality in-home caretakers & nurses in the Phoenix valley.  The home is called Because We Care, and they are opening up applications on a first come, first serve basis…

UPDATE: We just got word from a Because We Care team member, and there are still two spots open, but their hotline (480) 351-0197 has been blowing up in the past 3 hrs, so they stressed the importance of calling right now to book a visit to the property today before people miss out.

New research shows that single family assisted living homes with 10 or less residents are rated with 89% higher satisfaction rates than assisted living apartments or communities with 10+ units. This is because of drastically increased care that a resident gets in a home vs an apartment-style facility, and it’s perfect because the baby boomers are only getting older and older and will want to move into assisted living homes vs apartments…

Our editors found a recent survey done in the entire Phoenix valley and the results were so shockingly one-sided that we confirmed the survey results with a 3rd party. The results are as follows:

570 residents over age 75 who have lived in BOTH assisted living apartments AND single family homes with 10 rooms, and 89% said they preferred the home due to higher 1-on-1 care and the ability to bond more closely with other members of the house…

In a 10 room home, there are two full-time nurses and caregivers, so the ratio is 5 residents per caregiver. In apartments and most facilities it’s as much as 16 residents per caregiver. It begs us to ask the question: which environment would you rather have your own mother be in?

Imagine your beloved mother needing help and having to wait for 5 other residents before a nurse can get to her. That’s unfortunately the way it works in most facilities, but not with Because We Care…

In fact, one resident recently said “The level of in-home service we get here at Because We Care is far beyond anything I could have ever asked for, especially for such an affordable price. I feel like I’m at home, and I love the one-on-one interactions at the home — I love talking with 5 close friends and my caregivers instead of being in a crowded zoo with 100 other people that I would never talk to…which is exactly what I felt when we were visiting other facilities in the valley”.

Not only that, but the economics of assisted living is better than hospital bills due to accidents happening at home. How many times do you hear friends talk about their mother slipping, falling, and breaking her hip – but still wanting to live on her own out of her own stubbornness.

In another survey, 86% of residents in current assisted living facilities needed help medicating. This means that more in-home care will be the #1 desirable trait when picking where your mother/father should live when it comes time to make that decision. Thus, single family homes once again become the most desirable environment.

In another recent national survey, 70% of seniors didn’t want to move out of their house into an assisted living facility because they have the wrong perception of assisted living and believed that it’s like living in a “zoo” — in a “cage” — but if you tell them that they can move into a single family home just like they one they live in now and have 9 friends, they will be much happier and open to the idea. And you can know that they will be well cared for and safe.

Now, with 10 room single family homes becoming the #1 most desirable assisted living environment in Phoenix, seniors are much more likely to say “yes” and move in, and sons/daughters are happier because they know their parents are safe and secure, and the affordable price of assisted living in single family homes is much better than alternative options like long-term care, which could cost $8,000/mo or hospital bills, which could be 10x that if serious accidents occur while the senior is living alone.

The average cost of assisted living in America is $3,500/mo but that’s mostly for apartments. So imagine if you could get that same pricing but for a wonderful room in a spacious single-family home. That’s what the founder of Because We Care set out to do.

When we interviewed the owner, Jake Crawford, he said “The mission of Because We Care has always been to provide the highest level of in-home service and care in the entire Phoenix Valley — with the most affordable pricing — so that any senior, even the most stubborn of all — would want to live here in Peoria…even over Scottsdale or other locations. We’ve making this place even more desirable than a vacation in Cancun, and so far the residents love it…

That’s why we’ve been fully occupied for 17 years. Now with our recent expansion and full remodel that we just completed last month, we have 2 more rooms open, but I’m sure we’ll probably fill those within the next 72 hrs, I literally just got off the phone 2 minutes ago before this interview with someone named Kate and her mom, they are visiting the property this afternoon”.

Because We Care maintains an open door policy so sons/daughters and friends can visit in the property anytime, they don’t have to fill out paperwork and wait 2 months to see their family. “Community and relationships are vital to making everyone feel at home, and everyone gets along very well here” one resident said.

Because We Care also has the main amenities that come with any assisted living home such as meals, internet, medication management, etc. For a full list of amenities, click here.

Here’s a testimonial of one of the caregivers at Because We Care. He’s worked at lots of other assisted living facilities in the valley, but none stack up against Because We Care.

UPDATE: We just got word from Jake, the founder of Because We Care, and one spot already filled up today! That means there’s only one spot open, but their hotline (480) 351-0197 has been blowing up in the past few hrs, and lots of people have been contacting the home through their website contact us page, so he stressed the importance of calling right now to book a visit to the property today because he doesn’t want anyone to miss out.


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