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Discover The Shocking TRUTH About Hearing Aids “THEY” Don’t Want You to Know About — And Save Over $5,782 on Hearing Devices…

Published On: 11th December 2018
Last Updated On: 12th December 2018

Hearing aids are “too expensive”…

Most seniors average spending $3,500-$7,000 on traditional hearing aids…

That’s too expensive for over 48 MILLION Americans that currently have hearing loss and need hearing aids but can’t afford them…

That is, until now…

Our editors discovered a new hearing aid company that’s cutting out the middleman — greedy hearing aid centers…

Unfortunately most seniors who are buying hearing aids are overpaying – WAY overpaying!

Let me explain…

Our editors interviewed 172 seniors who have purchased hearing aids in the past 6 months and the average price paid was $6,782/pair.

What they don’t know is that they could have saved $5,782 on their digital hearing aids by cutting out the middleman and buying hearing aids directly from the manufacturer…for less than $500/pair…

With new, breakthrough hearing manufacturing technology invented in early 2018, a new USA-based company called Nano Hearing Aids invented a hearing device that’s so darn good that customers are saying it’s 85%-95% as good as any hearing aid on the market, but for 1/20 the price.

In fact, 82% of the people we interviewed couldn’t tell ANY difference between Nano’s new invisible completely in the cancel device, and a $5,000 pair of hearing aids…

Thus – Nano is cutting out all the hearing aid centers that are getting a juicy pay-day whenever they sell hearing aids to unsuspecting seniors who thought they can only buy hearing aids directly from a physical brick and mortar store…

We interviewed the founder of Nano, Robin Cook, who said:

“Frankly, the hearing aid industry is ripping people off, and that’s the reason we founded the company.”

“I went to buy hearing aids for my wonderful grandma and grandpa in their late 70s, and I was astounded at the prices they wanted! $14,000 to buy hearing aids? You got to be joking me!”

“Anyways, my family is full of audiologists and doctors so we combined our efforts and set out to create the ultimate invisible digital hearing aid – and after years of testing different designs, concepts, and prototyping, we finally came up with Nano.

A lot of our early beta-testers are calling it the “Apple of hearing aids”. The best design, best quality, best price.

“It’s about time someone did something about this horrible problem – seniors shouldn’t be draining their retirement money just to have hearing aids. It’s our mission to ensure everyone can afford to have hearing aids.

“And as a thank you for this interview, I’ll give Us Medical Times Readers a special Buy 1 Get 1 FREE link to purchase your first pair!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: December 13, 2018

We just received an urgent phone call from Robin today! The incredibly popular Nano CIC Invisible Hearing Device is finally back in stock today after a 3 month waitlist BUT due to a viral post that got shared on Facebook today, orders are flooding in so fast their website can barely load and Nano is forced to END ALL promotions for the rest of 2018.

Fortunately, we convinced Robin to share US Medical Times readers the only and LAST existing exclusive link for the next 100 people who take action and purchase in the next 30 minutes.

Click Here to Take Advantage of Nano’s Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Sale Before It’s Too Late >>>




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  1. Steve says:

    It’s robbery how much they charge for traditional hearing aids! I got a pair of these new OTC hearing aids off the internet and have had them for 6 months. I love them. I love the price even more.

  2. Lois says:

    I am one of those seniors who paid over $5,000 for hearing aids. This article is very helpful although now I feel like I was duped.

  3. Andy says:

    Special link worked for me. Thank you for this article US Medical Times. I hope I like these new hearing aids. The price is so much cheaper than what I have paid in the past.

  4. Dorman Davis says:

    How do I get one???

  5. Roger says:

    Thanks! Just ordered a pair. Can’t wait to hear properly again!

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