Published On: Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

How I Stopped My Husband’s Snoring in 7 Minutes Flat & Finally Sleep Like a Queen Every Night! Hint: We Tried Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms, CPAP Machines, And Expensive Gimmicks, But Nothing Worked Until…

Published On: August 16, 2019

Attention Ladies: When I made my husband stick his tongue into this, I couldn’t believe what happened next. Nor will you…

By Lisa Johnson,

I am about to tell you a true story.

If you believe me, you will be well rewarded.

If you don’t believe me, I will make it worth your while to change your mind.

Let me explain…

Connie is a friend of mine who has an eye for good products.

One day she called me excited about a new, weird-looking anti-snoring device her sleep doctor gave her husband to put an end to his chronic snoring problem.

“It’s so weird,” she said, “when he first put his tongue into it, I didn’t believe what happened next”

“What are you talking about?” I asked. “And what could be so amazing about an anti-snoring device?”

Now couples can finally get the sleep they deserve without snoring getting in the way!

Connie continued, “Within 7 minutes of my husband wearing this device he fell asleep like a baby!

“But most importantly, he didn’t snore at all, not even a peep!

“And for the first time in 12 years I actually got a full 9 hours of deep sleep being in the same bedroom as him!

Lisa, “as you know from our long telephone conversations”, David and I have been sleeping in separate bedrooms all these years.

“And I was only willing to finally sleep with him again if he was willing to wear this device every night for one week straight.

He did, and it’s changing our relationship.”

I Couldn’t Believe My Ears…

Connie continued, “I wanted to make sure my imagination wasn’t playing tricks on me, so the next night I used a mobile app called SnoreLab on my new iPhone to track his snoring, and it showed that he didn’t snore at all!

“Man, I’m telling you Lisa this thing was way better than the $800 custom snoring mouthguard we previously bought from our dentist.

Btw Lisa, don’t buy any mouthguards, we tried every possible nose strip, mouthguard and other gimmicks out there, and all those mouthguard things do is cause TMJ (jaw pain) because they pull the jaw too much forward.

“Our sleep doctor told us that snoring is caused by a narrowed passage in your throat’s airway, and mouthguards pull the jaw forward to open up the airway more. The problem is, they pull the jaw too much forward.

Tongue Retaining Device?

This new tongue retaining device ZenGuard, invented by the company Zen Sleep, apparently works by keeping the tongue forward slightly – which opens the obstructed airway without pulling the jaw too much forward.

Just imagine sticking your tongue out at someone, that’s basically what it looks like haha”

“Wow, that sounds so simple, Connie. Would this device work on my husband? You know we both have the same problem: our snoring husbands haha!”

The ZenGuard Tongue Stabilizing Device stops snoring in 24 hrs Guaranteed by holding the tongue forward which opens up the airway and eliminates snoring!

“Wow, that sounds so simple, Connie. Would this device work on my husband? You know we both have the same problem: our snoring husbands haha!”

“Yes! I know what you mean. I love my husband, but when he snores, I want to slap him” Connie exclaimed!

“Lisa, let me walk you through the simple 10-second snoring test our Sleep Doctor did to determine of ZenGuard was the right fit for David”.

“Ok, let’s do it!” I replied.

Connie continued, “Like I mentioned before, the key here is that it’s almost impossible to snore with your tongue out.

So first, try making a snoring sound with your tongue inside your mouth like normal.”

“Ok” I said. “skuuggghhh”

“Great” Connie said. “Now stick your tongue out and try to make the same snoring sound while your tongue is out”

“Ok” I said. “Hmm, I can’t do it. There’s no snoring sound”

“Exactly!” Connie said. “That’s the point! That’s when I realized that this device would work on David, and it will probably work on your husband too.”

“Ahh, you’re right!” I said. “What a simple test, thank you Connie! I’ll make my husband do this test tonight. But what if he doesn’t want to wear it?”

Connie replied, “That’s the same question I was worried about. As you know, my husband David is the definition of a “tough guy”. He drives big semi-trucks for a living, rides a Harley, and shoots his pistols at the gun range on the weekends just to name a few of his hobbies, he would never wear this tongue device I thought to myself.

Sleep doctors are raving about Zen Sleep’s new anti-snoring invention called the ZenGuard.

“Fortunately, however, once David and I were in the same room with our sleep doctor he explained the logic – and the benefits just far outweigh the costs.

“For example,” Connie continued, “Our sleep doctor told us that the top 3 health problems snoring can cause are memory loss, stroke, and heart attack. All of those are life-altering problems. That’s crazy.

“Just tell him that, and it should be enough to get him to wear it.”

“No” I replied, “That’s not enough. My husband is tougher than your husband. He has three Harleys and shoots an AK-47 on the weekends, and the only pistols he shoots are those 50-cal things you see in the movies that probably aren’t even legal.

“I’m going to need to tell him more than that in order to get him to wear this thing”

“Hahahaha” Connie laughed, “Ok, you’re right, I’ve met your husband John, and he is one tough cookie. Remember when you guys first came over for dinner? He almost shattered our front door when he knocked and almost broke my husband’s hand when they first met and shook hands.”

“Yes, I remember that!” I said. “Ahh, those were good times! Anyways, tell me what else I should say to convince my husband to wear it”.

Ok” Connie replied, “Tell him there are lots of health risks, just tell him that snoring can cause stroke, heart attack, memory loss, loss in productivity, and more.

“And many times, snoring is actually sleep apnea in disguise – and sleep apnea is really dangerous. 80% of sleep apnea cases go undiagnosed so people don’t even know they have it!

“That’s what Reggie White, the famous football player, died from in his sleep.   “Oh yeah, I remember that tragic story. Remind me, what’s sleep apnea again?” I asked.

Connie replied, “That’s when people have such bad snoring they basically stop breathing periodically throughout the night – which causes oxygen loss and all sorts of other health problems like I mentioned above like stroke or memory loss.

“Plus, get this Lisa, you know how I like to watch CBS news right?

I Was Shocked When I Discovered The Real Health Risks of Snoring & Sleep Apnea

According to a recent medical study they covered, the annual economic burden of undiagnosed sleep apnea among U.S. adults is approximately $149.6 billion.

This includes almost $87 billion in lost productivity, $26 billion in car crashes, and $6.5 billion in workplace accidents. Seriously, you can Google cost of snoring on productivity and this is what you’ll see.”

“Wow, that’s insane, I didn’t know those numbers were so big” I replied.

“Yeah, it’s crazy” Connie agreed.

“Ok, give me one more piece of ammo” I said.

“Ok. You’ll like this one” Connie said. “Tell him you’ll be more intimate with him if you can both sleep in the same bed again but happily this time with no snoring.

Also tell him that this tongue device is the best way to stop snoring instantly in the most cost-effective manner.

Tell him you already did all the research and this is the best possible solution. THAT will get his attention.”

“Wow, you’re right. That will get his attention! But I still need more info” I said.

Connie continued “And it’s actually true Lisa. You know David and I used to sleep in separate bedrooms for over a decade and I resented him to no end for his snoring.

It caused all sorts of arguments, and I was only getting 3 hours of sleep per night if I was lucky.

But now that he was willing to put down his pride and stop his snoring with this new device, no matter how weird it looks, I’m much more motivated to be intimate with him since we sleep in the same bed now. Us women have the power to withhold. lol.

“Amen sister, keep preaching!” I replied.

Connie continued, “Remember when we were dating, men would do anything for us, but when we got married, after a few years they often stop doing the things we loved during the courtship phase.

“But if our husbands could simply imagine our pain of not being able to sleep, and simply went back to the dating years, they would probably stop snoring right away, and our marriage would be way better off.

“I recently read somewhere that snoring is the #3 cause of divorce and something like 38% of married couples over age 55 with snoring problems are sleeping in separate bedrooms just like me.

“You can also tell him the average cost of divorce is $30,000 haha” Just kidding, you shouldn’t have to play that card. At least not yet unless he’s not willing to try it…

It’s Not Your Fault. We’ve Been Lied to by ‘Big Pharma’ For The Past 17 Years

“But remember, we’re not alone, Lisa, this is a huge phenomenon affecting 78% of Americans that snore.

But it’s not your fault…

“Big Pharma” doesn’t want us to know this stuff – because the health effects of snoring are so bad that it helps their business.”’

“What do you mean?” I asked. “Don’t believe everything you read on the news”

“I don’t” Connie said. “In fact, I learned that from our sleep doctor. This guy’s the real deal, he gives speeches at the Mayo Clinic and all over America”

“Wait, seriously?” I asked. “Now things are getting interesting. Tell me what your sleep doctor told you, word for word, don’t leave anything out.

“And tell me why this device isn’t already sold all over the place if it works so well…”

“Here’s what he said”, Connie explained “After David did the 10-second snoring test, our sleep doctor pulled out the pacifier device – which is technically called a tongue retaining device – and explained that this device was patented 17 years ago by a sleep lab.

“The results were so shocking they had to re-do them 5 times on different patients to ensure they were correct.

“The device had over a 99.87% success rate on stopping snoring the first night, and every night during the 3 day test period on the hundreds of patients they tested.

“They were about to release it to the public, but a “big-pharma” company (guaranteed you’ve heard of them, they are almost on every street corner in America) promised the sleep lab that they would release the product to the public using their massive distribution of retail stores and bought the patent.

“However, the big-pharma attorneys just tricked the innocent sleep lab doctors: instead of bringing the product to market, they just ended shelving the product because it worked too well.

“That’s why it has been previously unavailable to the public and isn’t sold in any stores right now It would have cost big-pharma companies 10x more money because way less people would have life-threatening health issues and $50,000 surgeries.

Zen Sleep’s Tongue Retaining Device is Finally Available To The Public After Being Locked Away for 17 Years by “Big Pharma”

Thus, this tongue retaining device has essentially been hidden from the public for 17 years, locked up in a vault…until now.

Fortunately, for this very same scenario, patents expire every 17 years, and the patent on this device expired in March 2017, and a rogue sleep doctor (that used to work in the original lab that invented the device) broke away to be on his own and improved upon the original design, got a new patent, and re-launched the product in August 2017, calling it ZenGuard.

This doctor also happens to be an ancient Chinese Zen Master who invents things with the most precise detail you could ever imagine. And his mission is to give everyone the opportunity to get the perfect night’s “zen” sleep for under $100, instead of charging $1000s, like big pharma.”

“Wow!” I exclaimed, “That’s deep! Sounds like it’s straight out of a conspiracy movie or something. But keep going, what else did your sleep doctor say”

“Yeah” Connie replied, “It’s crazy how greedy big medical companies can be…

Don’t Get Suckered Into Buying Clear-Colored Knock-Offs Flooding The Market. Only Zen Sleep’s Device Is Blue!

“Anyways, our sleep doctor said that it’s only available from once source, and the medical grade material used to create the device is in low supply because it’s not plastic crap from China, it’s extremely high quality medical grade material.

“The company is called Zen Sleep and you can only get it on their official website by clicking here.


“Our sleep doctor said to be sure and only buy from their official website because there are lots of clear-looking knock-offs entering the market selling fake devices on Amazon and Ebay for way less but the original device is colored blue and can only be purchased from Zen Sleep’s official website.

“It can’t be replicated because of the unique design, patent and material used to create it.

“There’s nothing exactly like it so he said to not even try and research other knock-offs to compare, you’d just be wasting time and money – and you’d end up having to buy the original ZenGuard when the knock-offs don’t work.

“In fact, our sleep doctor said he only recommended this device to 100 patients because he didn’t want the company to sell out – but just from those 100 people telling their friends, Zen Sleep was sold out for 2 months and on a 6 week backorder!

They just finally got back in stock in the past 2 weeks, which is when I bought it for David.”

“Wow, this sounds amazing” I said, “I’m so glad we got to talk on the phone today, I’m going to buy this for John right now on my iPhone.”

“Awesome, yes, it’s going to change your life. You’ll be able to actually get sleep – and be in the same bedroom together again. It will help your relationship, and health.

And what would you pay for that? Probably anything right?

“Of course. We spend ⅓ of our life sleeping, it’s about time we did it right!” I said.

“Exactly!” replied Connie.

“Remember, the cost of snoring surgery is anywhere from $3,500-$10,000 and it’s not guaranteed to last long term. The cost of a mouthguard from a dentist is $800, but that will only hurt your husband’s jaw”

Connie continued,

“And the ZenGuard wasn’t even $100 and it came with an entire kit. I got an eye mask, earplugs, and more goodies. Now I don’t have to hear him or see him while you sleep haha!”

“That’s great” I said. “Anything else before I let you go?”

“Yes, Connie said.

“There’s actually a special link you can use, if you click here, you can see the special offer Zen Sleep has, but it will probably end soon.

And if you want to save the most money, click here to get multiple ZenGuards like I did!

Plus, I’ll let you in on another secret…when you order 3 ZenGuards, you’ll receive an additional bonus gift that I can guarantee you’ll love using every night like I do (I can’t tell you what it is, it’s a surprise and you only get it if you order 3 ZenGuards!

Hurry though, I’m not sure how much longer this offer will last!) This deal isn’t available anywhere else it’s only available if you click this special link now.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: August 17, 2019

We just received an urgent phone call from Jessica (a Zen Sleep team member) saying that due to a viral Facebook post that got shared today, over 1,000+ people per minute are currently visiting the Zen Sleep website, and mountains of orders are flooding in…

Because Zen Sleep is running out of stock too fast, ALL coupon codes have already been shut off and ALL online sales will be ending tonight and for the rest of 2018.

Fortunately, we convinced Jessica to allow the next 100 fast-acting Us Medical Times readers take advantage of Zen Sleep’s last and only active online sale but only for the next 30 minutes through this special link she gave us:

CLICK HERE To Save $350 OFF Zen Sleep’s Ultimate BUY 1 GET 1 FREE SALE! (no coupon code required)

So let’s do the math…
Up-Front Cost
Total Cost
$3k – $10k+
One Time
$3k – $10k+
CPAP Machine
$200 – $4k+
Every few years
$1k+ – $10k+
Misc Gadgets
(custom mouth guards, nasal strips, sprays, etc)
$30 – $50
ZenSleep™ Anti-Snore Solution
“I’m Also Going to Give You These Incredible Bonuses, Absolutely Free!”
BONUS #1: Eye Mask – VALUE $39 (YOURS FREE!)

ZenStrap instantly stops snoring by gently supporting the lower jaw while keeping the airway open and unrestricted, simultaneously improving breathing and the overall quality of sleep. Effective in stopping snoring originating from the mouth.

The strap is extremely comfortable and simple to use. Strap around your head and begin feeling the benefits immediately.
BONUS #2: Eye Plugs – VALUE $29 (YOURS FREE!)
ZenPlugs triple flanged earplugs are constructed of silicone and designed for ultra-soft, ultra comfortable noise reduction. Washable and reusable for extended wear.
BONUS #3: Nose Vents – VALUE $49 (YOURS FREE!)

ZenVents instantly stops snoring by maximizing airflow in nasal passageways. Specifically designed to stop snoring originating from the nose.

Simple to use and comfortable, it is made with soft medical grade silicone, odor and BPA free. Designed to be invisible, with only a thin silicone strip exposed while wearing.
See What Zen Sleep Customers Have to Say!
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NOTE: ZenGuard™ is a brilliantly simple product, yet effective and non-invasive anti-snoring medical device. It provides an easy solution for the treatment of snoring! Click here to get yours, stop listening to snoring, and finally get the beauty sleep you deserve!